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Weston School District

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Weston School District

The Weston School District, in beautiful Sauk and Richland counties, is situated on 60 acres in the midst of cornfields and woodlands.  Even though the district is small, Weston's 300 pre K-12 grade students experience a challenging academic environment with a wide array of athletic, artistic, technical, vocational, exploratory, and college level course offerings.  Our "hands-on" curriculum keeps students excited about learning.

The school boasts of a 1.5 acre school garden and an orchard full of apple, pear, and plum trees.  The district has 13 acres of school forest that sustains annual maple syrup production, student-built barn housing dairy sheet, greenhouse, chicken coop, and aquaculture tank.  Students learn about plants by helping in the garden and greenhouse and identifying plants and trees in the school forest.  Students milk sheep and learn about real life business practice by making sheep milk soap and selling  it.  The students care for a flock of chickens, sell eggs and play disc golf for recreation.

There are very few evenings that the school parking lot is empty, as it is the center of the communities it serves.  Athletics, community nights, concerts, art festivals and after school programming bring our families together and support students of all ages.

Weston's staff motto is #TheWestonWay and that motto is shown through the building of relationships, the encouraging of acceptance, providing opportunities for students and the community and inspiring all students to be successful.

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